X-trodes Receives $5.2 Million EIC Funding to Boost Home Sleep Monitoring Solution

x-trodes raises 5.2 million euros from EIC. credit - x-trodes
x-trodes raises 5.2 million euros from EIC. credit - x-trodes

X-trodes, a leader in wireless monitoring solutions, has been awarded $5.7 million in grant and equity funding from the European Innovation Council Accelerator (EIC) to advance its innovative home sleep monitoring solutions.

Traditional electrophysiology measurements have been limited to laboratory settings due to the sensitivity and specialized conditions required. X-trodes has disrupted this pattern by creating a small, flexible, dry-printed skin patch that encapsulates a whole lab. These patches allow for continuous body monitoring anywhere and anytime.

X-trodes has created the world’s first dry wearable technology for advanced bio-signals monitoring and analytics. The user-friendly solution monitors EEG (brain activity), EOG (eye movement), EMG (muscle stimulation), and ECG/EKG (cardiac monitoring) in natural environments. X-trodes’ core technology is based on IP developed at Prof. Yael Hanein’s neuro-engineering laboratory at Tel Aviv University. The company collaborates with leading global healthcare providers, biotech, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions.

The use of this groundbreaking technology marks a new era of home sleep monitoring. It enables physicians, sleep experts, and individuals to track sleep patterns and vital physiological signals, eliminating the need for restrictive lab environments. This revolutionizes sleep monitoring, offering valuable insights for individuals and healthcare professionals alike.

The €2.5M grant and an additional €2.7M equity investment from the EIC validates X-trodes‘ dedication to innovation in the field. The funding will speed up the development and commercialization of X-trodes’ home sleep monitoring solutions, integrating lab-level monitoring capabilities into patients’ homes.


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