Wordtune Upgrade, AI21 Labs Expands its Generative AI Offering with All-in-One Platform

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Israeli startup, AI21 Labs, a leader in Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), launched a powerful upgrade today for Wordtune. The latest upgrade transforms the company’s flagship consumer tool into an all-in-one platform with multiple features for Generative AI reading, writing and knowledge control assistance.

The enhanced version of Wordtune is designed to enable professional users, in addition to consumers, to enhance text-based tasks through a variety of new tools, including longform editing, work related templates, proactive AI suggestions, live outlines and knowledge-based control tools. The new Wordtune update also combines the read product into the platform, providing text and YouTube summarization features.

As AI spending is set to hit $300 billion by 2026, the demand for trustworthy, accurate, and reliable Generative AI technology is increasing. Enterprise businesses, professional end-users, and general consumers alike are seeking to enhance efficiency and productivity by automating time and resource intensive processes related to text-based content. With numerous Generative AI applications constantly emerging on the market, AI21 Labs’ latest step contributes to the growing need for a comprehensive platform.

The startup was also recently named as SOC2 (Service Organization Control 2) compliant, following a rigorous evaluation process. 

AI21 originally launched Wordtune as a browser extension in October 2020, and has since grown to tens of millions of users. It was named by Google as one of their favorite extensions of 2021. Its clientele includes the likes of Monday.com, eBay, UiPath, Simply (formerly JoyTunes) and Transmit Security. It was one of the first Generative AI tools to actually cite sources, a key function to building end-user trust, and making it a favored choice among the academic and research community.

The latest version of Wordtune expands upon previous features, enabling end-users to apply it to larger works of text. New features include: 

  • Create: A variety of templates to assist users in professional content creation, including resumes, job descriptions for HR managers, copy for marketing assets, and presentations.
  • Question Answering: Providing AI answers for user questions based on their personal library of documents, while citing the source material, enabling the user to control a large knowledge base, while providing accurate hallucination-free answers.
  • Improved fact-based AI: Wordtune not only presents facts, it checks five sources to guarantee the fact is 100% true. 

Planned features that will be released in the coming months include: 

  • Proactive AI: AI that recognizes that the user is writing, actively offering suggestions and improvements to the text.
  • Live Outline: Save time by producing and editing full articles based on multiple key points. 
  • Longform Editing: Edit entire bodies of text all at once. Users can edit and rephrase an entire body of text all at once, follow the recommended changes, accepting or regenerating piece by piece, or all at once. 

New pricing plans, suitable for individuals and businesses, accompany the upgraded Wordtune bundle. 

“AI21 Labs is constantly innovating to meet the growing demands from our users around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to individuals,” commented Ori Goshen, Co-CEO and co-founder. “There are so many use cases for Generative AI, we updated our Wordtune platform, allowing us to combine AI-powered reading and writing capabilities into a single seamless experience. Reading and writing are deeply intertwined, and we often read in order to write something, and we write so others can read it. Wordtune is the first AI-powered reading and writing application suite, designed to increase productivity and efficiency while working as a sidekick to users, instead of replacing them.”

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