Why Businesses Turn to This AI Tool to Successfully Close Deals

Effective communication is a crucial element of successful dealmaking. Whether a salesperson is trying to sell a product or a service, their ability to effectively communicate the value of what they are offering is essential for building trust and rapport with potential clients. 

Efficient verbal communication allows the salesperson to clearly and effectively articulate the benefits of the product or service to address any questions or concerns the potential customers may have. It is also important for building rapport and trust, as it helps the salesperson connect with the prospect and establish a sense of mutual understanding. One key element of effective verbal communication in sales dealmaking is the ability to listen actively. This means paying attention to a client’s intent, asking clarifying questions when needed, and responding thoughtfully to their concerns. 

But that’s the easy part. Non-verbal communication, on the other hand, is a slippery slope that dealmakers are trying to constantly navigate. From reading body language, and deciphering intentions, to discerning perspectives, the subtext of the meeting is often swept under the rug, leading to failed deals and low conversion rates. What’s more, non-verbal cues can also be used to reinforce the message being conveyed through verbal communication, helping to strengthen the overall impact of the sales pitch.

Decoding Subtext in Deals

To improve non-verbal communication skills in sales dealmaking, it is critical to understand one’s body language and use it to convey confidence and authenticity. What’s more, it is also important to be aware of the prospect’s facial expressions, tone, and attitude, and pivot accordingly. But the question becomes – how would a dealmaker know what to do under specific circumstances? 

This is where SubStrata comes in. This Israel-based startup is a pioneering company in the field of Social Signal Processing Technology, which is utilized to analyze the various elements that happen during negotiations, sales, and dealmaking. Their expert team is bringing a seismic shift in the way dealmakers communicate with prospects via its revolutionary technology.

Their AI-driven solution empowers organizations to delve into the inner workings of their prospects’ real intentions, emotions, and perspectives, uniquely tailored to conduct a comprehensive examination of non-verbal cues frequently shown in body language and vocal intonations. This helps reps gear up for their deals, understand their existing communication patterns, and how to adjust them for their next meeting.

Social Signal Processing Technology

Social Signal Processing Technology is a novel field that encompasses several disciplines, including deep learning, natural language processing, linguistics, social science, cognitive science, and psychology. This technology deeply analyzes digital data, such as text and audio, to gain a greater understanding of the social cues and dynamics present in online communication.

SubStrata is dedicated to designing and developing technology that identifies and extracts important information, such as sentiment, tone, and intent from digital communication, providing valuable insight into the underlying dynamics of negotiations, dealmaking, and sales.

This innovative technology has a wide range of applications, including enhancing customer service interactions, improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies, and making negotiations more efficient. Moreover, Social Signal Processing Technology allows for a deeper understanding of the social dynamics at play in digital communication, enabling decision-makers to make well-informed decisions. 

SubStrata is at the forefront of this field and is committed to continuing to develop and improve this technology for the benefit of their clients. As the existing dealmaking strategies go obsolete, this AI tool’s real-time linguistic and paralinguistic analyses create a massive impact on businesses, propelling their growth and profitability in today’s hyper-competitive age.

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