Vicarius Unveils Generative AI for Cyber Security, Accelerating Software Vulnerability Remediation Staff

Vicarius Unveils Generative AI for Cyber Security to Accelerate Software Vulnerability Remediation. Credit - Vicarius

Israeli cyber security startup, Vicarius, released their Generative AI Large Language Model (LLM) today: vuln_GPT. It auto-generates remediation scripts for software vulnerabilities and is designed to counter threats faster than hackers can exploit them.

Available on Vicarius’ platform, vsociety, vuln_GPT will also integrate with the vRx solution for instant vulnerability fixes.

Currently, of the 200,000 identified vulnerabilities, 10% were found in the last year alone. The challenge of timely response was highlighted by the 60-day delay in addressing the MOVEit vulnerability.

While traditional solutions focus on detection, the urgency lies in quick remediation, giving rise to the power of Generative AI for cyber security applications. Security teams often delay patches due to fears of system disruptions. vuln_GPT’s capability autonomously produces scripts for various tasks, like port deactivation or file removal, offering temporary fixes while awaiting official patches.

Vicarius successfully used vuln_GPT to address vulnerabilities in the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) system, a communication protocol used by global government entities.

All scripts by vuln_GPT will be available for free on vsociety.

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