Unlocking Financial Freedom: The Innovative Solution for Startup Employees by Equitybee

An age-old idea that has become a run-of-the-mill custom for companies is that employees exert a certain amount of effort to receive a salary accordingly. This would include benefits such as a retirement plan, 401(k), or something similar.

However, questioning this idea has been slowly coming to, especially as employees become more and more mindful of their needs and whether these needs are being met based on the value they provide to their employers.

This kind of forward-thinking has only been explored in recent years. And there have been multitudes of movements, campaigns, and organizations that have begun focusing on what right employees have. But until now, a specific niche has not received the attention and support that it needs: startup employees.

Compared to the level of stability and assurance experienced by employees from larger organizations, startup employees tend to face job insecurity mainly because of the high failure rate of startups–leading to the possibility of job loss or unstable employment.

Much like regular employees, startup employees themselves go through specific job stressors like long working hours, high pressure, and questionable work-life balance. But what makes startup employees’ experience unique is the fact that startups tend to have limited resources, unclear job roles, lack of organizational structure, and limited training opportunities.

This problem is further exacerbated by the financial instability startup employees experience. Typically, they would receive a compensation package that includes stock options. Most employees don’t usually understand what this would entail–but even the most educated startup employee would often only guess the actual value of their stock options.

The difficulty with this is that it prevents startup employees from making informed decisions and plans about their financial future. So, what can they do to solve this?

Equitybee’s Bold Venture

Equitybee co-founders Oren Barzilai, Oded Golan, and Mody Radashkovich saw this need and aimed to solve it through Equitybee’s new product, Equity Value Finder. Stock options are a powerful form of compensation for startup employees, but tracking their value can be difficult.

This tool caters specifically to startup employees in getting an estimated market value of their stock options through Equitybee’s proprietary multiple-source model. This proprietary model takes into account trade data, valuations, and market sentiments to achieve the maximum accuracy possible. It also shows funding opportunities available to employees, giving them complete control over how they use their stock options.

The Equity Value Finder not only assures in times of uncertainty but also motivates employees to contribute more to the success of their company. Equitybee’s mission has always been to empower employees to participate in the success of the companies they helped build, and Equity Value Finder is an extension of that commitment.

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever for employees to plan for the future, and Equitybee is proud to be a part of that process.

Solving an Overlooked Problem

Time and time again, we see different financial tools and platforms developed and launched to cater to different needs. In recent years, there has been a boom in terms of digital banks. But little do we realize that startup employees have as many needs as we have that are often overlooked.

And with the birth of new companies–whether they’re in the ideation phase or the scaling phase–startup employees are all the more important because of their mission-driven commitment. They are what sustains the startup ecosystem.

That’s why this has been the prime opportunity for Equitybee’s innovative solution to be brought out: to provide a space for startup employees to become empowered in pursuing financial stability, growth, and freedom.

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