This Human-Centric Privacy Platform is a Game Changer in Cybersecurity

Data protection is one of the biggest conquests for both consumers and companies. With the constant evolution of risks and threats, continuous changes in laws and regulations, and heightened vigilance for users and businesses, the search for the most efficient and updated privacy solutions is an ongoing challenge for business leaders across multiple industries.

As the era of digitalization further advances, users are increasingly becoming more skeptical about their data safety. A recent study shows that 81% of users deduce that the potential risks of online businesses collecting their data outweigh the benefits by a large margin. With incessant horror stories of data leakage emerging left and right, including phishing, breaches, and frauds, consumers are now more wary of disclosing any of their personal information to companies, regardless of the more personalized experience that it entails.

These privacy threats pose a significant risk to consumer trust – an integral part of building customer relationships for businesses. In fact, 21% of email and social media users have experienced cyber attacks at least once, and 46% feel as if they’ve lost control over what kind of personal information goes out online. Not only does this skepticism lead to poor retention and conversion rates for organizations, but it’s also a major hindrance to long-term growth and profitability.

Building consumer trust is key for businesses to prove a user’s data safety. While organizations can implement the most cutting-edge privacy solutions with the most bulletproof PrivacyOps products, gaining the confidence of prospects is a completely different arena that requires in-depth exploration.

Mine PrivacyOps, an Israel-based startup, empowers consumers with its human-centric privacy platform that changes the game on how both users and companies manage, control, and protect their data.

Honoring Data and Building Trusted Relationships

Mine’s PrivacyOps helps brands build trusted relationships with their customers by honoring their data and treating it with transparency and compliance with current laws. With Mine’s PrivacyOps platform, data protection, legal, and IT teams are able to handle simplified privacy requests, data mapping, consent management, and data classification quickly and efficiently. 

The team at Mine aims to simplify privacy compliance with a delightful customer experience that builds trust, accountability, and transparency.

The All-In-One Privacy Platform

Mine’s privacy solution is designed not just to protect businesses, but also consumers. This all-in-one privacy platform allows organizations to get peace of mind when handling privacy and compliance needs, and create automated workflows with top-rated consent and privacy request management, data mapping, ROPA, and risk assessment. Through this, companies can provide a better privacy experience to their customers – from optimal transparency, knowing where their personal information goes, providing a comprehensive explanation of their digital exposure, and giving customers the power to remove unwanted data if necessary.

By 2023, privacy experts predict that more complex cybersecurity attacks and ransomware will pose prevalent threats to organizations. Mine PrivacyOps is a key player in preventing risks against non-traditional tactics for both consumers and business owners in the battlefield.

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