This AI Video Expert is Set to Overhaul Content Creation for Marketing Teams

Peech CEO Danielle Dafni

Marketing teams from a multitude of industries are no strangers to the pains of video content creation. From the tedious task of publishing videos regularly, and the technical complexities of editing, to the alignment of a company’s brand bible, the challenges that marketers, social media managers, and in-house content creators face are becoming increasingly insurmountable.

The surge of video content as a go-to strategy for marketers is brought upon by the evolution of content consumption. Decades ago, a simple text-and-image campaign would suffice, but the face of marketing has undergone a major overhaul after the emergence of commercialized video platforms like TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, and IG Reels. Simply put, no one likes to read anymore, and the audience’s retention of storytelling is proven more effective through videos. According to Forbes, 90% of customers testify that product videos increase their likelihood of purchasing, an unprecedented rate that solidifies video marketing as one of the most efficient tools in optimizing conversion rates by 80%.

Still, the problem lies in the marketing teams’ lack of knowledge and experience in video production, making companies outsource manpower with expertise in After Effects. While this ensures professional touch in transforming in-house media into publish-ready content, its long-term sustainability poses a threat to business overspending. For one, hiring third-party video editors and producers is expensive. On top of that, companies only get to publish limited videos as production takes time. Combining all these factors, a glaring gap in the marketing industry calls for an urgent solution to empower marketing teams with the independence of creating unlimited, premium content without outsourced interference.

Peech, the first generative AI-driven video creation platform, is set to overhaul content creation to ease the lives of marketing and content teams. They are set to launch their latest product, Peech 2.0, on Product Hunt, with the mission of turning content marketing teams into unstoppable creators.

Tech Meets Video Expert

CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Dafni worked as a professional video editor and media expert for 10 years before the inception of Peech. Well aware of the pains of content and marketing teams, Danielle’s focus is to take her own skills and replace them with technology. Using AI and NLP technology, Peech gives content marketing teams the independence to generate unlimited high-quality and engaging content, while saving time and money.

How Does Peech 2.0 Work?

Peech 2.0 makes it easier for content and marketing teams to generate a professionally edited video draft within minutes without manual editing; personalize videos aligned to content goals, brand guidelines, and animation style; engage viewers by automatically adding on-screen visuals, graphic text, animated icons, and images; create different versions of the video for different media channels, and scale video creation processes without bottlenecks. 

One of the key tech capabilities that Peech 2.0 leverages is Generative AI, which enables the platform to understand context and content to create not just videos, but an entire strategy. “What Peech does is to take all these types of content – the music, the audio, the voiceover, the image, the footage, and our job is to merge them together to create a video that’s unique and personalized for this team to be able to provide them the marketing results they need,” says Danielle. “So it’s not just about creating a piece of video – it’s about creating a strategy.”

Today, Peech 2.0 is underway to revolutionize the future of video content creation by providing a handy platform that promises long-term, effective, and sustainable solutions for content and marketing teams in global sectors and industries.

Check out Peech’s product hunt launch.   

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