The Israeli Ministry of Defense Selects Mona’s Enterprise Monitoring Solution to Gain Complete Visibility into Their AI/ML Systems

Tel Aviv, Israel & Atlanta, GA – August 3, 2022

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) has selected Mona’s intelligent monitoring solution to provide proactive insights in their AI systems. “Mona is already helping us get dramatically more comfortable with our AI deployments,” said Roye Wietzfeld, Head of Digital R&D. “We performed a thorough market evaluation, and Mona has unique capabilities which made it the best fit for our needs.”

As one of the most technologically advanced organizations in the world, the Israeli MoD utilizes AI in a wide range of processes, including mission-critical operational processes. Mona, a highly flexible monitoring system, allows the MoD to monitor all these different processes and to get real-time alerts on data and model underperformance or misbehavior, thus avoiding significant risks to operational capabilities. Mona is also utilized to advance research capabilities and optimize the MoD’s ML operational layer.

“We are delighted to have MoD as a new customer,” said Yotam Oren, CEO & co-founder of Mona. “This confirms the unique value proposition Mona brings to the market, helping data organizations transition from research-oriented to product-oriented AI.” Mona is the leading intelligent monitoring solution for AI / ML-driven systems, providing complete visibility into the behavior and performance of data, models and processes. As an interoperable solution, Mona easily integrates into existing workflows and is compatible with any AI use case or any intelligent automation process.

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