Predictive Insights from In-Vehicle Info for Traffic Management




Series A



Waycare is shaping the future of city mobility, optimizing city traffic management by harnessing in-vehicle information for predictive insights. Ultimately, Waycare enables cities to fully control their roads and directly communicate with all vehicles. In the coming years, the average vehicle is expected to generate over 4 terabytes of data per day; 10X more than the daily data generated from an entire traffic management center. At the same time, urban populations are exploding, leading to unprecedented levels of road congestion in cities. Waycare’s platform harnesses in-vehicle and internal city data to optimize traffic systems and establish a two-way communication channel between the city and the vehicle. Waycares proprietary deep learning technologies provides the city predictive analytics and real-time decision making tools, enabling proactive traffic and incident mitigation and dynamic real-time traffic flow optimization options. As connectivity and innovation in the automotive industry continue to evolve, Waycare will play a vital role in shaping daily movements within our cities. WayCares solution is SaaS-based, enabling every city to become a smart city without costly infrastructural investment.

RoundDate AnnouncedInvestors
WayCare raises $7.25 million series ASeptember 30, 20198
WayCare raises $2.3 million series SeedSeptember 30, 20177
WayCare raises $0.5 million series GrantApril 30, 20171

TitleDate AnnouncedAmount ($)
WayCare acquired for $61 millionAugust 202161,000,000

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Goldbell InvestmentsCorporate Venture Capital0
Janom SRO0
Next Gear VenturesVenture Capital30,000,000
SJF VenturesVenture Capital0
Spider CapitalVenture Capital40,000,000
UpWest LabsVenture Capital145,000,000
Zymestic Solutions0

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