Visual Estate

Virtual Reality for Real Estate Viewing

Proptech, Real Estate
Artificial Intelligence

Business Overview

Visual Estate places the Real Estate world in the forefront of technology, using advanced visual aids which allow real estate developers worldwide, provide their clients with a clear view of their potential future home, today, from anywhere at any time. This multi-sensory experience, which provides security in the product and the project, is a crucial factor in the decision-making moments. The company offers several user- friendly tools that bring floor plans to life, from a drawing or a sketch into a fully immersive and realistic experience. These tools helping to relieve the clients from their doubts and feelings of distrust, and turning 30% of potential clients – into pleased customers. By using one or all of Visual Estate platforms, you can give your clients the feeling that their dream home is coming to life before their eyes, they will gain confidence in the property, the project, and in you.

Operating Status
January 2016
Business model
B2B, B2G
Offering type
Funding stage
Total funding
$1.3 Million
Proptech, Real Estate

Exit Events and Acquisitions

Date Announced





July 2020
MODY Company

AI Technology Stack

AI employees
AI types
Artificial Intelligence

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