Vim offers a healthcare technology platform that aligns incentives between payers and healthcare providers to enable value-based care decisions.The US spends more per capita on healthcare than its peers without achieving better outcomes, leading to a shift toward value-based care models. However due to complex mixed incentives, payers and providers still face significant challenges in working together to drive value-based care – Vim is on a mission to change that.The company’s platform uses collective intelligence from healthcare data and human expertise to guide patients and providers to care decisions that consider cost, quality, and individual preferences. Vim’s unique ability to help patients find, schedule and receive the highest quality care, while promoting payer and provider collaboration, will lead to better outcomes for patients.Founded by Oron Afek, Asaf David and Yael Peled in 2015, Vim already has access to 10,000,000 lives and 150,000 providers through major health plan partners in the US.
January 2015
B2B, B2B2C

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