With nearly 1 billion people aged 65 worldwide, older adults represent the fastest growing age demographic across the globe. Every day 10,000 older adults join Medicare with 90% preferring to live at home during their senior years.At Uniper, we are on a mission to empower older adults to age and thrive in the place they call home. Happy, healthy, independent.Uniper is a venture-backed digital health service for older adults reinventing the way we age. We make it easier for older adults to combat loneliness and social isolation through easy access to services that improve social determinants of health (SDOH).We make it easier to stay connected with friends, family, loved ones, and communities through a variety of live and pre-recorded exercise, social, educational, and cognitive classes. Our evidence-based programs, such as fall risk reduction, make it easier for health plans and community organizations to lower care costs by encouraging older adults to embrace a healthy lifestyle from home.We make it easier for health plans to engage and serve their members using an easy-to-use connectivity hub, accessible from a TV, tablet, or any mobile device.
January 2016
Hardware, Software
B2B, B2C

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