Image Recognition for Retail Analytics and Points of Sale

Trax Image Recognition provides cutting-edge image-recognition technology and market-data services to tier-one manufacturers. The company assures tighter in-store execution controls and the ability to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. Traxs technology can be integrated as a plug-in to existing merchandising or retail execution systems. The companys platform utilizes iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets to capture images of retail shelves. Analysis within the Trax cloud provides immediate, actionable mobile reports to sales reps and aggregated web reports to management teams. Traxs solutions replace manual auditing methods by up to 60%, allowing sales reps to focus more time on in-store sales development activities. Trax is a trusted OEM partner of more than 25 leading retail solution providers, and many top brands use Trax to manage their in-store execution and increase revenues, including Coca-Cola, AB InBev, Nestle, and Henkel.
November 2010

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