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Series C



TipRanks Ltd has developed an accountability engine that ranks financial advice published online to assess the accuracy and credibility of pundits and analysts, giving individual investors access to the same technology used by financial managers. The company’s transparent, unbiased technology uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to aggregate and analyze financial data online, providing a data-driven measure of accuracy based on the statistical ability of an expert to generate profit and make correct stock recommendations.

Uri GruenbaumCEO and Board Advisor1
Gilad GatCTO1

RoundDate AnnouncedInvestors
TipRanks raises $77 million series CApril 8, 20212
TipRanks raises $12 million series BAugust 9, 20201
TipRanks raises $3 million series AMay 31, 20145

TitleDate AnnouncedAmount ($)
TipRanks acquires The Fly for $15 millionJanuary 202315,000,000

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Eliot Spitzer0
John Nakamura0
Moneta SeedsVenture Capital150,000,000
More Investment HouseInvestment Firm23,000,000,000
Poalim Capital MarketsInvestment Firm0
Poalim Equity0
PrytekVenture Capital107,000,000
Roni Michaely0

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