Intellectual Property managers today face a daunting challenge of keeping up with massive amounts of complex and fragmented global IP data, resulting in inefficient, costly, and non-strategic IP management. The need to revolutionize the field has generated great demand for tools that can help streamline IP management, as well as allow IP to become a key factor in business decisions.Identifying this demand, SYBARIP developed the industry’s first AI-backed SaaS platform that is specifically designed by, and built for, IP managers. It delivers the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to the IP and innovation lifecycle, utilizing its unique ability to gather and analyze global IP data, delivering insights that provide decision support for day-to-day patent management, as well as a framework to align IP and business strategies.SYBARIP is the recipient of the 2020 Distinguished Recognition Award given by the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) for developing its groundbreaking intellectual property management model.
September 2019

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