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Business Overview

At Sunbit, we believe that people deserve to get the most out of their hard-earned money, every time. Sunbit is a fundamentally new way to pay, that eliminates financial waste while providing the best possible experience for retailers and customers. Sunbit is the simplest and quickest way for retailers to split a purchase into multiple payments, increasing sales and extending the buying power of customers so that retailers earn more while customers pay less. We bring data and proprietary decisioning technology to the point-of-sale through a real-time, easy-to-use payment method that provides the best personalized payment options in split-seconds. Our team includes experienced executives from Google, Sears, Intel, Superderivatives, Prosper Marketplace, Avant and Enova International, and globally recognized leaders in the areas of data science and FinTech software engineering.

Operating Status
June 2017
Business model
Offering type
Funding stage
Series B
Total funding
$54 Million
Credit, Fintech, Payments

Funding Rounds

Calculated as the average ratio between the current funding round amount raised and the previous funding round amount raised. Note that 'plus' rounds are summed together. i.e. Series A = Series A and Series A+.
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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


June 2019
Series B
$26 M
March 2018
Series A+
January 2017
Series A

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

The underwriting is driven by our own machine learning based credit model built specifically for short term, small dollar purchase financing — not by FICO scores. This means that we can tailor each offer to the consumer, and provide great options for splitting the purchase into a series of payments.

AI employees
AI types
Machine Learning
AI algorithms
Boosting, Classification, Clustering, Decision Trees, Linear Regression, Model Selection, Random Forest
Java, Python

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