Sosivio is a next generation observability and AI company, built from the ground up for Cloud Native environments. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Sosivio applies AI to do the heavy lifting by providing eventless failure prediction and autonomous failure resolution. Headquartered in San Francisco (with offices in Israel and Eastern Europe) Sosivio is on a mission to help all stakeholders – DevOps, IT, Management, Security, Data teams, and Developers solve the organization’s toughest problems running cloud environments.We’re committed to making a positive impact above all else – as leaders we lead people to a better place, whether it’s a teammate, a customer, an investor, an advisor, a family member, or a friend. Sosivio believes in personal growth, transparency, and a high degree of autonomy. Sosivio moves fast. We are constantly releasing new features and building the most innovative tools in the industry. We love diversity, pushing the limits, challenging the status quo, and being unique.
November 2019

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