SoniCracker is a global leader in audio source separation. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and classic advanced signal processing, SoniCracker extracts specific elements from an audio file, including speech, vocals, drums, bass, and guitars (a truly unique capability!). The process also provides the music backing track, without the selected stem.SoniCracker was founded by music lovers and musicians, who are also engineers and scientists – thus combining both passions. Our vision is to be a global leader in providing premium products for the remix, karaoke, Edtech, and Musictech industries, with the finest source separation capabilities. Our mission is to offer these products, delivering the widest variety of source separation files (vocals/instrumentals) with the highest granularity and finest quality, using our advanced technology.The name SoniCracker is a metaphor for the described high-quality process of audio separation that we offer.
May 2021

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