Skyline Robotics

Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Robotics

Business Overview

At Skyline Robotics we believe that humans are more than robots which is why we aim to automate all tasks that are dangerous, dirty and dull. By giving industrial robots senses like sight, hearing, touch and a brain, we are enabling the automation of multiple service sectors. Starting with window cleaning, we are automating all real estate maintenance work at heights. As buildings grow taller, more complex and valuable, there is an increasing need to ensure that façades are properly maintained. Our robots learn the building, detecting the complex architecture to create the most effective cleaning path.

Operating Status
June 2017
Business model
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Funding stage
Series A
Total funding
$3 Million

Funding Rounds

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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Combining AI, state of the art robotics and sensors, Ozmo™ was designed to clean any building without changing or adding any infrastructure.

AI employees
AI application
Vertical AI
AI types
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Robotics

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