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The need for a competitive advantage driven by advanced analytics has become acute in recent years – companies that fail to transform into ‘data-driven companies’ become inferior compared to ones that excel in the field. The challenge facing companies seeking to integrate advanced analytics has to do with the high costs, long development time, and temporary relevance that go along with building and continuously maintaining advanced analytical models. The quintessential underlying factor behind these is the global shortage of skilled data scientists, as well as the resources required to hire competent ones. Shoodoo makes it possible for all organizations to gain access to the world’s best data scientists and analytical models, at a cost that is substantially lower than existing solutions, integrated comfortably into operational and managerial processes, while being committed to consistent high-quality predictions.

Operating Status
January 2015
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$0.5 Million
AI Enablers, Technologies

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December 2017
$0.5 M

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Shoodoo Analytics’ technology combines several advanced machine learning concepts into a versatile, robust, and comprehensive solution. The ability to build a high-quality predictive model using a frictionless, minimal onboarding process, quickly and affordable, while being guaranteed that the model would remain continuously relevant, and avoid data leakage and concept drifting, is unique and powerful. It is this ability that will allow an increasing number of businesses to adopt advanced analytics, and enable Shoodoo’s solution to become an industry standardThe platform leverages a unique design, allowing senior data scientists from around the world to collaboratively build analytic models. Shoodoo’s core engine then chooses the best matching model from the ones available in its’ exponential library. Said design allows for an infinite library of models, which translates into unprecedented model matching speed, at a cost that is an order of magnitude lower than current industry standards.

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