Formerly known as Sentinel Labs

Detection and Prevention of Zero-Day Attacks in Real Time

AI Technology Stack

Across user endpoints and servers, SentinelOne’s Deep File Inspection (Static AI) engine uncovers and blocks advanced file-based malware, on access. Static AI is a core component of SentinelOne’s unified, multi-layer approach to next-generation endpoint protection, and represents a substantial leap forward in static threat prevention technology.Our AI-powered Singularity Platform defines and delivers XDR. Our platform ingests, correlates, and queries petabytes of structured and unstructured data from a myriad of disparate external and internal sources in real-time. We build rich context by constructing a dynamic representation of data across an organization. As a result, our AI models are highly accurate, actionable, and autonomous. Our distributed AI models run both locally on every endpoint and every cloud workload, as well as on our cloud platform. Our Static and vector-agnostic Behavioral AI models, which run on the endpoints themselves, provide our customers with protection even when their devices are not connected to the cloud. In the cloud, our Streaming AI detects anomalies that surface when multiple data feeds are correlated. Furthermore, our platform provides visibility across an organization’s digital assets through one console, making it easy and very fast for analysts to search through petabytes of data to investigate incidents and hunt threats. Our Singularity Platform offers multi-tenancy and can be deployed on a diverse range of environments that our customers choose, including public, private, or hybrid clouds.
Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
AdaBoost, Boosted Decision Trees, Neural Networks, Random Forest, Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Amazon Web Services

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