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Sempro aims to become a leading global player in overcoming world food shortage through precision-based agriculture. Autonomous early detection systems, based on proprietary patent-pending optical sensors, circulates fields and continuously bi-directionally scans foliage, flower and stem. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and IoT functionality, data is analyzed and presented via an accurate real-time pest and disease distribution map. Actionable data for informed decisions for maintaining crop health delivered to mobile or web-based platforms.

Roi LevyCEO1
Gideon CarmonCTO

Patent TitleStatus
System for in-situ imaging of plant tissueApplication

Thousand of images are captured on the move and processed each minute, using a proprietary optical sensor. Accurate data re-infected crops are collected from multiple farms and transmitted to the cloud. Images are entered into an NN algorithm to detect and classify infected crops. Proprietary software processes and analyzes the data. A recommended course of action is provided to the farmer.

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