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Jan 2017
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Remoty makes it quick and easy to get your technical problems solved by connecting you with industry experts on a video chat. No matter if you need guidance installing a new gadget, trying to figure out how to use a complicated product, or even repairing a faulty device Remoty makes it a breeze!* If you've just come across a technical problem and need technical help, Remoty helps connects with you experts who can provide you with the help you need! * If you're a technician, you can save time and costs by using Remoty for free to diagnose your client's problem remotely, and quickly and visually guide them all the way through fixing it.* If you're the techie person in your social circle that everybody calls for help - you'll find Remoty an excellent solution to help them out when you're not with them in person!Our app turns cumbersome remote assistance into clear face-to-face guidance: Experts can view help-seekers' problem's "live" from anywhere, and can illustrate the steps to solving the problem by "drawing" on the live video-stream, marking helpful annotations, and accessing troubleshooting resources during the call.

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