QART Medical

3D Imaging, Healthcare, InVitro Fertilization
Computer Vision Deep Learning

Business Overview

QART (Quantitative Assisted Reproductive Technologies) Medical, a clinical-stage MedTech company, addressing the global infertility epidemic. The Company develops a breakthrough solution for highly informative characterization and selection of sperm cells for in-vitro fertilization (IVF), aiming to create a new and better gold standard in the ART market. The QART system aims to improve current success rates of Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) by:
* Quantitatively characterizing the morphology and contents of individual sperm cells with 3D topographic imaging
* Providing quantitative DNA integrity information, on a cell-by-cell basis
* Automatically sorting a semen sample according to objective consensus criteria.

Operating Status
April 2018
Business model
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Funding stage
Business stage
Product Development
3D Imaging, Healthcare, InVitro Fertilization


QART Medical
Nathan Shaked
QART Medical
Alon Shalev

Board Members and Advisors

QART Medical
Eitan Dekel
Board Member
QART Medical
Keren Primor Cohen
Board Member

Funding Rounds

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AI Technology Stack

AI Description

The QART solution is based upon a first-in-class, stain-free, real-time 3D imaging system that provides a quantitative topographic map of the sperm morphology and its inner contents.

The system is a compact, stand-alone bench-top clinical workstation.

It is based upon a built-in quantitative phase interferometric microscopy (IPM) imaging microscopy platform, and has a microfluidics sorting stage, all controlled via a simple personal computer.

Per ICSI cycle, a disposable cartridge, containing the semen specimen, is inserted into the workstation.

AI employees
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Computer Vision, Deep Learning
AI algorithms
AI tasks


Many medical and biological protocols for analyzing individual biological cells involve morphological evaluation based on cell staining, designed to enhance imaging contrast and enable clinicians and biologists to differentiate between various cell organelles. However, cell staining is not always allowed in certain medical procedures. In other cases, staining may be...

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