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Pepticom is a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform company with disruptive technology for peptide discovery. The platform is based on research carried out in the Hebrew University and extensively developed further by the company. Pepticom’s disruptive technology allows for the discovery of quantity and quality innovative peptides and other molecules at a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional laboratory discovery methods. The peptide discovered can be used as drugs, in agriculture and animal well-being.Pepticom is engaged in various discovery projects such as ADAMA in the field of agriculture and with other big companies in the Pharmaceutical filed.

Immanuel LernerCEO
Amit MichaeliCTO1
Anwar Rayan

David SiegelBoard Advisor
Eyal AgmoniBoard Director
Galia KutBoard Director
Jonathan CohenBoard Advisor
Neely Ivgy-MayBoard Advisor

RoundDate AnnouncedInvestors
Pepticom raises $2.6 million funding roundMarch 10, 20211
Pepticom raises $5 million series ASeptember 30, 20191
Pepticom raises series SeedJuly 31, 2013

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Chartered GroupPrivate Equity, Venture Capital0


Pepticom’s unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology streamlines and significantly accelerates the ability to discover advanced peptide-based drug candidates. Pepticom’s AI technology enables the discovery of the most advanced peptide-based drug candidates by searching an enormous set of possible solutions, vastly reducing the risk of failure during development. It covers a chemical-space of 1030 possible molecular options – which is much larger than current screening techniques – while simultaneously filtering out the most suitable candidates with properties such as solubility and permeability amongst others. Optimizing drug discovery means shifting the weight of the discovery effort in-silico, to allow an accelerated search of the entire realm of possible solutions. Pepticom is introducing “Swarm Intelligence 2.0”, in which various bots are able to sense, interact and coordinate a collective intelligence with the addition of evolutionary mechanism of bot-selection. Utilizing AI-driven reinforcement learning, search algorithms, smart grids and scoring functions allows Pepticom to discover better binding peptides at each learning iteration. AI learning helps implement the right conclusions towards finding the optimal peptides for target binding.

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