Pashoot Robotics





0.3 years

We believe that manufacturing should be fully automated, and that using robotic arms should be simple and intuitive. Pashoot; “simple” in Hebrew, combines cutting edge AI-Robotics software with off-the-shelf robotic arms, transforming them to have human-like learning and work capabilities. Our solution focuses on fast, cheap and flexible deployment of robotic arms. The company was founded in 2020 by AI and computer vision experts, revolutionizing the automation in the manufacturing industry, including machine tending, logistics, packing and so on.



Employee counts updated on a monthly basis.

Ron FridentalCEO1
Mica Arie-NachimsonCTO1


RoundDateCapital RaisedInvestors
Pashoot RoboticsPre-Seed2023$1.5M

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