Owlytics Healthcare

Assistant, Healthcare, Monitoring
Machine Learning

Business Overview

Owlytics Healthcare uses machine-learning algorithms in combination with big data collected by smartphones and wearable sport and health devices. The resulting technology builds a predictive service layer as a mobile application to help manage family health and provide notifications based on medical-state prediction and healthcare-related events. Utilizing smart wearables, BandManage tracks individual physiological patterns, notifies care-givers about changes, and predicts health events. BandManage can detect and prevent falls, identify abnormal physiology, detect early dehydration signs, and detect flu symptoms.

Operating Status
June 2015
Business model
B2B, B2C
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Funding stage
Series A
Business stage
Total funding
$9.3 Million
Assistant, Healthcare, Monitoring, Neurology, Patient, Senior Care, Sensor


Owlytics Healthcare
Gill Zaphrir
Owlytics Healthcare
Yaron Recher
Serial Entrepreneur
AI Expert
Owlytics Healthcare
Ronen Feldman
Serial Entrepreneur
AI Expert
Owlytics Healthcare
Yoni Sharabi
Owlytics Healthcare
Varda Shalev

Board Members and Advisors

Owlytics Healthcare
Yoram Epstein
Owlytics Healthcare
Jens Umehag
Board Director
Owlytics Healthcare
Mike Berman
Board Director

Funding Rounds

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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Continuous data is collected from the watch and sent to our cloud-based, AI software via the cellular network with no need for any infrastructure installed at the participant’s home or at the clinic. Owlytics uses proprietary algorithms, verified by a leading academic clinical research center to convert raw data into a variety of validated, population-specific measures. High resolution, raw data is easily exported for advanced customized analytics on a personal or group basis. This provides clinical teams access to objective and accurate data collected from trial participants.

AI employees
AI application
Vertical AI
AI types
Machine Learning

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