Orca Dental AI

Formerly known as CephX

Improving dentistry with the power of AI

ORCA Dental AI creates automated dental imaging solutions which improve dental practice of the entire dental ecosystem, including specialty practices such as Orthodontics and Implantology, allowing dentists to generate an immediate and accurate scan analysis, diagnostics and optimal treatment plan for their patients, to advance and streamline the entire dental process from the comfort of their own office.ORCA combines clinical expertise with Machine Learning and AI technologies, and based on X-rays, CTs, and Intraoral Scans, are generating an immediate array of reports, ranging from general care to specialized fields in oral health, such as Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. With ORCA Dental AI, independent practitioners can provide more efficient and superior dental care.ORCA Dental AI is led by an experienced board of entrepreneurs, veteran dental specialists, and dental imaging experts. ORCA have partnered with the leading providers of dental imaging machines and market players across the entire dental value chain.
July 2017

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