Optimal is the only Big Data analytics software company to provide an end-to-end product analytics solution for semiconductor and electronics companies. Our enterprise-grade platform delivers unique analytics on product data in a common, standardized language that enables brand owners and their suppliers to measurably improve all aspects of their products, from performance to quality and yield. Optimal has unmatched domain expertise in product analytics and manufacturing test operations for the semiconductor and electronics industries. We are passionate about enabling our customers to deliver better products as they embrace the IIoT and industry 4.0. To that end, we developed our groundbreaking product analytics platforms for the IIoT big data software solutions that enable companies to listen to the voice of the product by leveraging their manufacturing data to deliver real-time insights and action. these critical insights can be quickly accessed and utilized by any business unit within the company for improving product quality and reliability with less waste and greater efficiency. With over 50 billion chips and boards processed annually, Optimal provides solutions that drive IIoT connectivity, enhance yield and productivity, reduce RMAs, and usher in an age of robust, long-term quality products.
June 2005

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