We help publishers gain independence from traditional social media by fueling millions of high-quality conversations across thousands of communities with more than one hundred million monthly users.At OpenWeb we’re on a mission to save online conversations.To inspire and elevate an open exchange of ideas across the web, to eradicate hostility and toxicity, to create an online environment that allows all voices to be heard and welcomes all points of view into the conversation.We do this the best way we know how, by building innovative, proactive conversation technologies that get users talking better for longer, that turn publishers into hosts of thriving communities and provide a safe quality platform for advertisers to promote their brands.Founded in 2012, OpenWeb now has over 110 talented, mission driven employees in New York City and Tel Aviv and is backed by world-class investors including Insight Partners, Index Ventures, AltaIR Capital, ScaleUp, and Norma Investments, who share our vision and support us in our efforts to create quality online conversations for everyone.We built OpenWebOS because, when the conversation is high-quality, people stay to read and take part. That community brings publishers independence from external social platforms and brings brands a safe advertising experience. It all starts with a good conversation.OpenWebOS offers engagement and conversion funnels that turn casual readers into a community of loyal, active, registered users.Your community is your key to first-party data. OpenWebOS turns engagement into insights, and insights into sustainable revenue.Quality conversations mean a brand-safe environment at scale across high-intent, high-engagement communities on the open web.
July 2011

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