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Onebeat created an AI-driven retail technology that uses short-term predictions to translate customer behavior into real-time day-to-day actions that maximize sell-through and overall sales. With AI algorithms we optimize the whole retail process, all the way from initial product allocation to replenishment to liquidations. We break the product down into basic attributes, then adjust the amount of inventory in different retail segments such as fashion, luxury goods, consumer electronics, DIY, and more. We already optimized more than $11 billion in inventory value in over 55,000 points of sale across well-known brands in Europe, the US, APAC, and Latin America.





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Avihai ShnabelCRO1
The profile picture of Dr. Yishai AshlagDr. Yishai AshlagCEO and Board Advisor1

Yaron KniajerManaging Partner, Board Member and Board Observer1
The profile picture of Shlomo Ben DavidShlomo Ben DavidBoard Advisor
The profile picture of Rami GoldrattRami GoldrattBoard Advisor
The profile picture of Dr. Yishai AshlagDr. Yishai AshlagCEO and Board Advisor1


RoundDateCapital RaisedInvestors
OnebeatSeries B2023$10M6

ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
AnD VenturesVenture Capital$70M
INCapital VenturesVenture Capital
J-VenturesVenture Capital$30.79M
Magenta Venture PartnersVenture Capital$100M
Surround VenturesVenture Capital$18M
Wilson’s Bird CapitalVenture Capital908000

Onebeat Replenishment analyzes and suggests the best method of replenishment, either from the distribution center or by utilizing stock from other locations and store transfers. By using advanced demand-driven analytics, Onebeat ensures that inventory is always distributed to the locations where it will have the highest sales potential to maximize sell-through and ROI. Onebeat Replenishment considers various logistical and financial constraints and policies to generate an agile and cost effective replenishment mechanism.

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