nimble beauty

Nimble Beauty

Formerly known as Nailomatic

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Feb 2016
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Hardware, Software
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In 2016 Nimble creator and founder Omri Moran was waiting for his date. He waited...and waited...and waited some more. Finally, his date arrived, profusely apologetic for being late. The reason? Her manicure. She left her salon appointment before her manicure was completely dry resulting in ruined nails���so she had to run home to try to fix her brand new, smudged nail polish. Unfortunately ���fixing��� the problem only made it worse, she ran out of time, and was forced to give up, removing the salon manicure altogether. When Omri heard about all this nail drama, a lightbulb went off. ���What if there was an autonomous manicure device that could quickly paint and dry nails?��� he thought. And so, the early concept for Nimble was born, a device that could hack the nail industry by providing efficient, accurate manicures in a quarter of the time it usually takes. By the way, that late date? She is now married to Om
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Seed, Series A, Series B

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