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Minute.ly helps publishers, broadcasters and content owners better utilize their video content. Our AI-driven technology solutions amplify the effects of video, increasing user engagement, distribution and maximizing content-generated revenue. Our technology automatically identifies the most captivating moments of a video, and compiles them into short previews, which are used to capture viewer attention and navigate users towards video content. We automatically adapt the content to make it suitable and engaging across any medium, content platform, or technological frameworks that exist.

RoundDate AnnouncedInvestors
Minute.ly raises $8 million series AJune 30, 20193

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Ansonia Holdings0
Gilad Shabtai0


Minute’s core solution is an algorithm that calculates and integrates key parameters from numerous metrics and various video layers into 5-second Auto-Preview Video (APV) trailers.

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