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Datorios is a highly flexible and scalable data pipeline environment that helps organizations to shorten their data-to-value journey. Putting developers first, our high-performance platform combines complete code flexibility with advanced pipeline technologies equipping its users with the ability to design, implement and monitor data pipelines with mission-critical accuracy. Harnessing the power of Apache Kafka and Kubernetes, Datorios helps release bottlenecks found throughout data supply chain processes to provide data customers with higher quality data while greatly reducing the time and effort needed to achieve wanted results. Delivering solutions to tech startups and industry 4.0 leaders, helping them leverage both data and data teams, Datorios helps to reduce downtime, maintenance efforts, and overall data expenses, allowing companies to align more raw data to business questions.

Idan ShchoriCOO1
Avi HadadVP R&D1
Lior SusanPartner and Chairman1
Ronen KormanCo-CEO1
Asaf Cohen PizzerCo-CEO1

Lior SusanPartner and Chairman1

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Eclipse VenturesVenture Capital3,263,825,000
Grove VenturesVenture Capital335,000,000

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