Antidote Health

Formerly known as Med & Beyond

An AI Based Digital Acute and Primary Care Service

Antidote Health was founded by a core team of medical healthcare professionals and Israeli cyber experts driven by the belief that everyday healthcare is a fundamental right and should be accessible to all. Seeing the pain in American society where so many people lack satisfactory healthcare, we decided to develop a telehealth platform that would make it possible to provide premium healthcare that anyone can afford. We leverage the power of AI and machine learning to dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare. When doctor’s visits are 10x less than average, even the uninsured don’t have to think twice about going to see a doctor. Our disruptive technology streamlines patient screening and augments the doctor decision-making process, removing the burden of administrative tasks from the doctor and enhancing the quality of the doctor-patient experience. The MedandBeyond platform is unique in that, in addition to offering all the benefits of a standard telehealth platform, it is designed to address the added layer of social health, creating a health ripple effect, spreading from doctors to patients, to families and communities which loops back to positively impact the lives of everyone involved: patients, doctors and the communities they live in.
March 2020

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