Marmar Media is a leading product-focused mobile and online user acquisition network for results-based advertisers and app developers. Its proprietary technology is based on real-time machine learning at big-data scale. This enables data-driven, cross-platform targeting and user acquisition, resulting in maximum ROI for both advertisers and publishers.Through data mining and algorithmic analysis of dozens of sources, creative bidding models, and conversion data, Marmar Media is able to better understand, classify, and segment user behavior and make real-time predictions and decisions that stimulate user interaction. This translates into higher conversion rates for advertisers and increased CPMs for publishers.With billions of monthly impressions on both mobile and online platforms, and access to tens of millions of users worldwide, Marmar Media enables advertisers to intelligently reach their target audience of qualified online users by finding the right campaign for the right users at the right time.
May 2011

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