Manteca AI

Manteca ai was founded during the COVID-19 crisis, in order to facilitate our dream of helping people achieve financial wellbeing. In the past two decades the financial system has seen more progress and advancements than in previous centuries, mostly due to new technologies and ongoing formation of new financial tools (such as BNPL solution, crypto and blockchain, neo-banks and more). On the other hand, our ability to manage and control all these classic or new financial tools and assets have not changed that much. Here, at Manteca we believe that new technological tools should be utilized to help individuals to become more responsible and effective in their economic behavior. Our goal is to embrace cutting edge technological tools, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, API connectivity and more, to allow people have a centralized view of all their financial assets, combined with our unique tailor made analysis and advice system. We’re working to facilitate this dream and share it with you as soon as possible. But wait, the Beta registration is open, apply today for an early and free access.
June 2021

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