Advanced Targeting, Campaign, Marketing
Deep Learning Machine Learning

Business Overview

KonnecTo is a customer-driven research platform that provides the deepest information on your customers that can dramatically improve the outcome of your marketing and sales investments. We deliver customer insights that are available to you 24/7 and help you to understand your customers’ preferences, attitudes and feelings towards your brand and your competitors. Using new high-quality personal customer data, we translate this information into actionable insights that enable brands to make data-driven marketing decisions – improve their marketing campaigns, find undiscovered networks of mini influencers, choose their next major sponsorship deal wisely, and much more…How We Do ItOur clients ask their customers to opt-in to be a participant in their KonnecTo Consumer Group. Privacy and data-security are of utmost importance to us, and we enable a transparent opt-in process where customers are fully aware of the data they are sharing. Using our AI-powered insights engine, KonnecTo then analyzes data from multiple data sources to gain a 360 degree perspective on each customer and fan. We employ a variety of technologies to analyze pictures, text, and emotions and combine this data with deep market research to give you actionable insights that help to answer your most critical marketing and business challenges.

Operating Status
October 2015
Business model
Offering type
Funding stage
Business stage
Total funding
$2.5 Million
Advanced Targeting, Campaign, Marketing

Board Members and Advisors

Mitchell Kleinhandler
Board Observer

Funding Rounds

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Funding Round

Amount Raised


AI Technology Stack

AI employees
AI application
Vertical AI
AI types
Deep Learning, Machine Learning
ML types
Unsupervised Learning
AI algorithms
Clustering, Decision Trees, K-Means, Logistic Regression, PCA, SelectKBest
AI tools
MXNet, TensorFlow
AI hardware

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