Formerly known as Moonshot Marketing

AI-Driven Marketing Planning Optimization Platform

InfiniGrow is an AI-driven marketing planning optimization platform that helps B2B SaaS marketing teams uncover the business impact of any marketing activity and continuously hit their KPIs by optimizing their budget allocation towards the best-performing channels. In today’s agile marketing landscape, you need to understand where/when/how to invest your marketing budget in a way that will achieve your KPIs. To build, analyze and optimize your budget, you need to account for lots of parameters and data points, and without a team of analysts and data scientists on staff, it’s hard to derive concrete actions from your data. The result is that a significant amount of your marketing budget is invested in the wrong channels/budgets/times. InfiniGrow automatically consolidates and analyzes your data to uncover the exact business impact of marketing and provides clear visibility and AI-driven recommendations to better allocate your budget so you can continuously hit your KPIs.
September 2016

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