ifeel is the all-in-one emotional well-being platform for organisations and individuals. ifeel leverages technology to make effective mental healthcare more scalable for organisations operating globally and more accessible and convenient for their employees and clients. Using a blend of data driven technologies and professional one-on-one interactions with licensed psychologists, ifeel is the complete solution to cover the full spectrum of emotional well-being needs. With ifeel, anyone facing stress, relationship problems, work issues, general anxiety, depression and many other challenges can have anonymous, affordable and secure access to an on-demand licensed and certified therapist. Our technology makes it easy to start your path toward self-empowerment and removes the stigma and barriers that prevent people from strengthening their emotional selves. ifeel’s members get professional online therapy in a convenient and private setting by using their computer, tablet, or mobile phone – anytime they need, anywhere they are. At ifeel we���ve been fortunate and honored to help the lives of many by working with an outstanding community of licensed therapists. Their knowledge, skills, experience and care combined with our use of big data and AI-enabled solutions turn ifeel���s vision into a so
January 2017
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