At Hippo, we believe that insurance should protect your home and the things you treasure with policies designed for modern lives and proactive protection that helps you care for your home. Our aim is to help you avoid issues before they become costly problems because the best claims experience is the one you don’t have. Hippo built the world’s first home protection platform, covering crucial items like home office equipment and water back-up, pioneering the most widely adopted smart home program in the industry, and offering home care services, with Home Care Experts on hand to provide helpful home maintenance advice, from installing a shelf to fixing a faucet. We’re there to provide your home with just the right amount of protection, not just at the application stage, but throughout the life of the policy. Not only to protect the most important financial asset that American’s own today, but to protect the joy of homeownership through a proactive and customer-focused experience.
October 2015

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