The company transforms your smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device through urinalysis. uses color recognition, computer vision, and AI in conjunction with a urine sample kit and testing strips. Through rapid prototyping and repeated user testing, we have developed a test kit and smartphone app that has achieved more than 99 percent usability across age groups ranging from 18-80. The user simply opens the app and is walked through the process step by step aided by our chatbot nurse named Emily. The user opens the kit, fills the cup, dips the stick and places it on our patented colorboard. After waiting for 60 seconds (timed within the app) both the colorboard and dipstick are scanned, similar to how a QR code is scanned. The image is normalized and data points are sent to our cloud, where they are then classified into the correct clinical result.Healthy.ios solution is CE and ISO 13485-certified. The dipstick measures 10 parameters and indicates a range of infections, chronic illnesses, and pregnancy-related complications.
April 2013
Hardware, Software

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