Construction, IoT, Sensor
Computer Vision Machine Learning

Business Overview

Genda is construction site managers personal assistant. Using sensors and computer vision we create real-time data about site resources automatically, analyze the data using machine learning and lean principles, eliminating waste in the process and saving a great amount of money. With Genda, site managers can make decisions based on real-time reliable data instead of gut feelings. Genda creates real-time project status, alert about waste in the construction project, improve site safety, and marks what is the next task that should be executed.

Operating Status
May 2018
Business model
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Construction, IoT, Sensor

Funding Rounds

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AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Using designated sensors and smartphones application we created a RTLS system that really works in construction sites. Our platform automatically collects real-time data regarding resource location.

The data is analyzed using machine learning and pattern recognition to update project progress and show site managers what is happening on their construction site.

A live site map showing resource location is visualized to site managers. The site manager is then able to make informed date driven decisions and save a great amount of money and time.

AI application
Vertical AI
AI types
Computer Vision, Machine Learning

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