Foresee Genomics
Cancer, Genomics, Healthcare

Business Overview

Genomic tests are the leading diagnostic tool for personalized therapy. However, the tests are expensive, require large investments in infrastructure and qualified personnel, laborious, and their interpretation is challenging. As a result the whole procedure is not accessible in routine clinical settings. To boost personalized treatments, there is a need for quick, user friendly and inexpensive test that is performed routinely at any clinic, similar to blood test.

Foresee Genomics is developing an innovative testing kit for identifying multiple cancer genomic markers simultaneously in a revolutionary process that combines molecular biology and computational analysis. Foresee Genomics offers dramatic reduction in diagnostic costs with comparison to present genomic tests, and replaces the need to hold costly genomic centers. The hands-on procedure is easy, fast, requires simple equipment, and designed for existing diagnostic labs in hospitals or clinical centers.

Foresee Genomics makes personalized therapy accessible to everyone, everywhere.

February 2017
Business model
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Cancer, Genomics, Healthcare, Personalized Treatment


Foresee Genomics
Roi Feingersch

AI Technology Stack

AI application
Vertical AI

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