Risk and operating construction management solution

FIRMUS is utilizing artificial intelligence to identify design gaps and constructability problems in plans during any phase of design to eliminate risk.Using FIRMUS to review drawing sets is far faster and more accurate than manual inspection, and it ensures coordination between design disciplines, which reduces RFIs and changes during construction.With FIRMUS, customers have been able to deliver accurate and precise construction documents to the field team with confidence.Architects, engineers and contractors have all used FIRMUS to find design errors early so they can correct them quickly and inexpensively to deliver projects on time and under budget.FIRMUS is successful in helping companies in Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) deliver projects on time and on budget by significantly reducing the number of RFIs that need resolution throughout the construction phase, as well as the amount of time it takes to discover errors at each stage of the project.Delivering more accurate and precise construction documents to the field team, FIRMUS has been instrumental in saving customers significant time and money.
January 2018
Product Development

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