Industrial, Manufacturing, Monitoring

Business Overview

Feelit Technologies has developed RetroFeel, a unique Product using revolutionary nanomaterials-ink printing technology.

Feelit’s products sense structural state changes in any material and analyze the data – thus predicting critical problems in advance and preventing downtime.

The nanoink is printed on a flexible sticker that is attached to the equipment and becomes its “electronic skin”. This way, the Retrofeel is glued to equipment such that it senses the structural state and material changes in real-time.

For example, the state of pipes in manufacturing lines can be monitored without halting the factory production – saving considerable time and effort, and installation risk.

RetroFeel offers unparalleled monitoring solutions to industrial equipment and components, that cannot be monitored with existing solutions. RetroFeel enables significant savings by improving yield, preventing energy loss, reducing unexpected downtime and maintenance costs.

Operating Status
January 2017
Business model
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Funding stage
Series A
Total funding
$6.81 Million
Industrial, Manufacturing, Monitoring, Nanomaterial, Nanotechnology


Gadi Konvalina
Meital Segev-Bar
Hossam Haik
Serial Entrepreneur
AI Expert

Board Members and Advisors

Owen Lozman
Board Member

Funding Rounds

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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


January 2021
Series A
$5 M
September 2019
$1.5 M
February 2019
$0.028 M

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Feelit’s RetroFeel™ is an IoT platform for the real-time remote sensing of structural changes in mechanical assets, using revolutionary nanomaterial printing technology.

RetroFeel™ consists of flexible, non-invasive nanomaterial sticker sensors that easily attach to any equipment, together with wireless communication units and AI-driven cloud analytics. The system serves as an “electronic skin” that alerts on critical structural and operational anomalies in advance, prevents downtime, and radically cuts maintenance costs.

By instantly pinpointing anomalies in strain, temperature, humidity, and vibration, RetroFeel™ offers unparalleled real-time remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. The system is non-invasive and thus easy to deploy, requiring no downtime for installation, and providing instant results.

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