Real-Time Facial Recognition

Face-Six (a division of Skakash Ltd) develops advanced facial recognition and video surveillance technology for customized applications in Security, Operations, Marketing, and numerous other sectors. The company’s Fa61 system quickly detects, tracks, recognizes, and analyzes people in live video feeds, performing real-time comparisons against pre-processed databases and watch lists. The platform displays real-time signals and triggers user-defined alerts and events. Fa61 provides analytics and demographic intelligence including count, age, gender, ethnicity, facial expression, and more. The Face-Six platform enables a wide range of security, business, and investigation applications based on facial recognition technology. Its bespoke solutions range from access control to intelligent advertising signage. Face-Six’s clients include the German police, the Australian army, and Lockheed Martin. The company’s solutions are suitable for deployment in Airports, Border Control, Law Enforcement, Casinos, Home Security, Malls, Schools, Banks, Data Centers, and many other sectors.
April 2012
B2B, B2G

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