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Series D



Cipia, formerly Eyesight Technologies, is a leading provider of in-cabin sensing solutions for the automotive industry. We offer, driver monitoring systems (DMS), and occupancy monitoring systems (OMS) for cars and fleets worldwide. The proprietary technology uses edge-based computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to create safer and better in-car experiences. Dozens of patents and over a decade of research and development stand behind our advanced vision-based solutions. Cipia is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing can see and accomplish to make better and safer mobility experiences.

Itay KatzChief IP and Innovation Officer1

Dorian BarakBoard Member
Eli TalmorBoard Member
Rami LipmanBoard Member
Seshu BhagavathulaBoard Member
Stephen MargolisBoard Member1

RoundDate AnnouncedInvestors
EyeSight raises $15 million series DSeptember 30, 20183
EyeSight raises $20 million series CApril 30, 20161
EyeSight raises $6.7 million series BFebruary 28, 20131
EyeSight raises $4.2 million series AOctober 31, 20112

TitleDate AnnouncedAmount ($)
Cipia IPOs for $22 millionNovember 202122,000,000

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Arie CapitalVenture Capital0
Jebsen Capital0
Kuang-Chi Science0
Mitsui Global Investment0
Mizrahi TefahotInvestment Firm0


Our sensing solutions are fully embedded and optimized for lean edge processing, on the device in real-time. Providing high performance even for systems with lean computing requirements and capable of running several neural networks in parallel, locally, on ARM processors. The core of our technology is software based, Driver Sense and Cabin Sense, driver and occupancy monitoring solutions, are offered to OEMs and Tier 1s as a software solution. Cipia has camera partners and can recommend a camera supplier in case needed. Fleet Sense device is offered as an aftermarket solution for telematics system provider’s and fleets.

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