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Equalum is the first Data Beaming platform, capable of instantly teleporting operational data from any source to real-time analytics environments. Built for scalability and ease of use, Equalum harnesses the power of Spark in an enterprise-grade environment – helping organizations accelerate past traditional ETL or open-source implementations. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, Equalum is proud to work with some of the world’s top industrial, financial, and media enterprises. “Equalum’s platform is uniquely capable of enabling AI for any organization. By seamlessly delivering vast amounts of data to analytics environments in real-time, Data Beaming can power the discovery of hidden patterns across data sets – revolutionizing everything from real-time fraud detection to the optimization of health care outcomes and the delivery of personalized customer experiences at scale.

Operating Status
April 2015
Business model
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Series B
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$25 Million
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