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Apr 2015
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Hardware, Software
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Epicycle Technologies is an elite software firm specializing in Computer Vision, Image Processing, GIS and other domains requiring complex mathematical algorithms. We provide elegant, well-crafted and maintainable solutions to problems few others can tackle. We bring to the table significant expertise in areas such as: 3D Reconstruction, Bundle Adjustment, Structure From Motion, Camera Calibration, Motion Detection & Tracking, Image Enhancement, Computational Geometry, etc. We are experienced with multiple technologies and platforms: C# (Windows/Mono/Xamarin), C++, Java, Python, JavaScript; Desktop & Mobile. We are proficient at delivering solutions which are high-performance and scalable. We place high importance on solid software engineering. Our software maintains the highest quality standards with emphasis on code readability, maintainability and flexibility. We are proficient at xUnit / TDD in general and its application to mathematical code in particular. Epicycle Technologies is constantly committed to customer satisfaction, on-schedule delivery and top-quality craftsmanship.

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